The Open House


LOCATION: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

SIZE: 5,500 Sq. Ft.

OWNER: Dhand’s House


Contemporary & Understated luxury

“Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit.”
Edward Abbey


The space is designed for a middle aged couple with two daughters and parents that keep visiting the house every now then. The brief for this project was to open up the space: make it look bright, fresh, simple with hints of glam. We envisioned the space to have a contemporary feel to it while also embracing its rooted aesthetics in rich cultural heritage. The few elements that set the tone of the space was to have a lot of natural light, plants and earthy wooden tones, against the pallette of all white and neutral tones.

The Living area was planned to entertain different groups of guests as they followed the age old tradition of women and men socializing separately. The more casual section of the Living has been designed to carry out musical sessions with a skylight & a great double height right above to make the space look airy & filled with beautiful sunlight. The ‘Green-Buddha’ corner under the stairs meticulously flirts with the space.

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Tropicals & Greens dominate the whole space: Huge windows and clear glass partitions are used to divide the space while also maintaining a sense of virtual connectivity.

The design theme has been kept Modern and clean with a pinch of luxury. Natural materials like wood and stone are used that adds earthiness and brass that adds glamour.

The wooden box structure forms a Frame for everything that is beyond the space and perfectly creates a lounging couch that divides the two living areas. The Metal and Stone Staircase forms the backdrop to the living room and becomes an architectural attraction in the whole space. The formal living area as we call it has been curated with hints of glam and grandeur while also keeping it minimal.

“Nature meets Luxury”
A sense of ‘Living in the wilderness’ surrounded by lush green trees peeking inside the space has set the tone of this master bedroom.

Keeping the color palette neutral and earthy, a sense of understated luxury has been introduced in the room. The idea of a ‘ Wall’ has been challenged at various places; be it Bedroom to Dressing Room “wall” that has been replaced by tall standing partition or the Lobby louvers that overlooks the staircase. The bedroom partition, on one side makes a focal design point while at the dressing area it transforms into a huge mirror and the shelf provides a platform for makeup utilities.

In the second bedroom a play of light and shadow via this huge and elegant piece of lighting fixture, becomes the focal point in an white bedroom. The unorganized vertical rafters that adds a play of geometrical patterns has been added to hide a beam at the bed back, while the blue patterned wallpaper adds a bold statement to the whole room. The bedroom changes its mood as and when the lights of the room gets dimmed.

The all black bathroom with golden brass aesthetics makes it look very rich, bold and graceful and speaks volumes of the client’s personality.

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