A Modern House


LOCATION: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

SIZE: 4,000 Sq. Ft.

OWNER: Khoslas House


(Art Deco + Neo Classic Influences)

3BHK Residence

A Modern Family, true to its name, has spaces that open out to each other or onto something. The living room has a great double height volume and a Skylight which allows sunlight and air to fill up the space beautifully. The idea of the “wall” has been challenged in several ways here, be it the Drawing Room and Green Room “Walls” that are replaced with flexible metal and glass partitions or the upper floor Lobby Room “walls” that has been replaced by Wooden Columns and Sliding Glass Doors or Upper Floor Bedroom to Dressing Room “wall” that has been replaced by Tall Standing Partition that ensures it looks one room that is undivided.

Some people never leave the one home they’ve always known. At the end of the day, everyone strives to achieve the perfect home and lifestyle that not only becomes your comfort zone but also an extension of your personality. Such was the brief for this 3 BHK in a large residential complex in Raipur. The family of 5 wanted a space that was an extension of their personalities – both elegant and modern.

The Mandir acts as the highlight in this open space and the ‘Bell partition’ is right in front of the main door and creates an aesthetic see through to the otherwise beautiful Mandir backdrop. The traditional ‘Om’ design is ornated with beautiful leaves pattern done in Mdf screen

Neutral Monochromatic colors like like Beiges and Greys with natural materials and accent blacks are retained to create a soothing space highlighted with modern chandeliers. The partition behind dining open upto the living area to host even bigger gatherings and celebrations as and when required.

In the upper floor the theme was kept as more young, dynamic using Industrial nuances with a Chic twist. Key bold and functional elements in each space are used. Fresh tones of Grey, Yellows and Greens coupled with the warm shade of Teak Wood form the basic material pallette of the space.

The pantry unit is designed in square grids getting influences from neo-classical furniture making the space look very eclectic. The wooden louvers in the ceiling make a statement design and rope hanging lights enliven the entire area.

The statement piece for the kids room is the playful ceiling design with its overlapping triangular pattern done in plywood. The bold blue o the wardrobe adds a pinch of color to the all white palette bedroom. 

The bed is extended to create a play area for the kids and the study also has a ledge sitting for the boys.

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A Modern Family