neo classical


Inspired by the Neo classical home decor of Greece and Rome with refined taste, timeless aesthetics and hospitality are the main core of this style. If elegance and sophistication are your personal style, this would be a great match for you. Neoclassical design is all about the muted and modest luxury style which oozes out timeless elegance.

Modest, Timeless & Cozy

If you are looking to deck up your space in this style; do consider,
1. Spacious layouts with selective furniture, leaning to thoughtful minimalism
2. Large windows and mirrors that allow plenty of light accompanied by trendy curtains and drapes that add warmth
3. Balance of straight lines and geometric shapes
4. Muted Palette of grays, blues, greens, and yellow often accompany white and cream hues
5. Paneling and moldings as wall designs imitating classical Greek columns
6. Antiquity-inspired furniture like exposed wood or metal structure
7. Furnishing accessories with a classic feel

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