hollywood glam


This style is bent toward unapologetic maximalism, richness, and grandeur. It takes cues from major stars of Hollywood’s golden age era reflecting dramatic, sensual, modern, and uncluttered, with a mix of delicate and bold settings that are timeless in appeal.

Luxurious, Glamorous & Dramatic

If you are looking to deck up your space in this style; do consider,
1. High-Quality floor-to-ceiling window panels
2. Metallic surfaces used as a highlight
3. Simple color palettes with two to three complementary hues
4. Black and white are frequently used as a color palette
5. Jewel tones are incorporated for pops of color
6. Luxurious fabric and textiles like velvet, silk, and fur
7. Sculpted carpets, brass or gold hardware, crystal, fringe
8. Bright, glossy furniture with Flashy accessories

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