Art Deco


This style is inspired by The Great Gatsby period focusing on opulence & sleek aesthetics. The bold and sweeping statements of geometry, symmetry, and metallic accents along with bold shapes, patterns, and rich colors evoke glamour and a striking ambiance.

Linear, Ornamental & Vivid

If you are looking to deck up your space in this style; do consider,
1. Classic geometric and symmetrical design
2. Materials like lacquer glass, mirrors, polished wood, brass, metals
3. High contrast combinations, Color Palette of bright yellows, reds, blues, greens, pinks, and purples, accompanied by softer creams and beiges
4. Ornate mirrors with statement figurines and vases used to accessorize
5. Wooden furniture with boasting inlaid stones
6. Lights often made of glass and chrome
7. Abstract patterns like chevron and sunbursts, jagged lines

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