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About Us

“We transform spaces into places & houses into homes. We design with a sense of history and build brands to tell there story. We add details to your business and details to your life. Adding a dash of soul and character to all. Unboxing your dreams into reality.”

About Studio Unbox

Studio Unbox is the best interior designer consultancy & design practice based in New Delhi led by Sonalika Dhand. We are a free-spirited, talented, and hard-working team that specializes in hospitality, residential, workplace commercial, and retail projects.

Studio Unbox aims to create a design that pays attention to detail and interior experiences that are soulful and personal. We design spaces as storytellers rather than interior designers. We believe that every aspect of space, from a wall pattern to a pillow color, is a character in a play that forms a narrative. 


We believe your home must reflect your personality and your brand must reflect your identity. We closely collaborate with our clients to understand their vision and henceforth customize a powerful narrative for each individual client by adding our designs pin to It. We love the beauty of being able to design spaces that elicit emotions and have an impact on people’s lives. What keeps us going is our passion for creating such sensory experiential spaces that linger in people’s minds.

Why Choose Us?

Our Director

Sonalika Dhand, founder, and principal of Studio Unbox is a designer creating multi-faceted experiential residential, hospitality, commercial, and retail spaces.

Sonalika received her academic training in interior and architectural designing from Pearl Academy, New Delhi, and has been practicing interior designing for a couple of years now.

Message from the Director

“I believe that every new project is an invitation to embark on a fascinating journey of storytelling. I strive to create soulful spaces as I draw inspiration from the user’s lifestyle by incorporating a mix of materials and unique design styles.”

Sonalika Dhand
Studio Unbox

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